Alumni, Telehealth and Outcome Software for Behavioral Health

Connect with your patients across multiple engagement channels to improve outcomes.

"ContinueOn communication is 800% more effective than current methods."

According to Duke University: “While only 20-30% of emails are opened, 98% of texts are opened. On average, it takes 90 minutes for a response to an email, but only 90 seconds for a response to a text message. (2) In addition, the response rate for text messaging is eight times higher than for email. That could represent a 6,000% increase in communication efficiency.”

Standard Measurements

ContinueOn® includes many standard outcome measurements like the GAD-7, PHQ-9, BAM, GAD-2, and more.


Telehealth, and in-app messaging with push notifications make it simple and convenient to stay connected with patients.

Customizable Survey Builder

Create and send surveys to patients and alumni. Our library consist of 50 commonly used surveys or create your own. 


Easily schedule and manage all telehealth sessions in one view. Invitations and reminders can be sent via SMS, chat, and email.

Easily Engage With Your Clients

HIPAA compliant communication between patients and healthcare providers with contact via telehealth, phone, chat and email.

Evidence-Based Outcomes

Enhance your program outcomes using feedback informed treatment. Clinical effectiveness is proven to be higher using measurement-based care.


Instantly Engage Alumni

Easily categorize and engage patients for specific surveys. Segment by date, age, gender and other critical information.

“Whereas the standard currently requires organizations simply to assess outcomes of care, treatment, or services, the revisions require organizations to assess outcomes by using a standardized tool or instrument.”

“All primary care and behavioral health providers treating mental health and substance use disorders should implement a system of measurement-based care whereby validated symptom rating scales are completed by patients and reviewed by clinicians during encounters. Measurement-based care will help providers determine whether the treatment is working and facilitate treatment adjustments, consultations, or referrals for higher intensity services when patients are not improving as expected.”

“Most organizations with efficient operations document the analysis of various aspects of performance more often than annually. Monthly or quarterly is more typical. It is suggested that an organization include an overall evaluation of the effectiveness of its performance management system as part of its performance improvement analysis.”

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Alumni Engagement and Telehealth

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